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Innovative solutions for corporate dining.

Noble House delivers premium chef-prepared frozen or chilled award winning dishes directly to the office of workplace and also delivered to those working from home. 


We offer a full ‘micro-market’ catering solution, partnering with a leading vending provider group to deliver this revolutionary form of onsite catering, with coverage across the whole of the UK.


Micro-Markets are compact, self-service catering hubs within the workplace, that provide a wide selection of fresh and frozen food, drinks and snacks; they are automated and require no staff.


High powered microwaves and bean-to-cup coffee machines mean that everything is covered!

  • Restaurant quality meals in the office environment without incurring costs associated with a full in-house catering kitchen and team

  • Staff benefit from access to an extensive selection of fine dining options – scope for more choice than if prepared in-house 

  • Reduced wastage, reduced operational costs and portion control accuracy = improved value for money

  • Convenience and food safety advantages associated with frozen food

  • Keep your staff encouraged, confident, motivated, cared-for and (most importantly) safe in this changed landscape

  • Covid-19 compliant




In addition to the micro-markets, where a more traditional approach to workplace catering is required, we plan, create and manage on-site coffee shops, cafés and eateries for our clients – tailored to your exact requirements.


• Delivery of ‘virtual dining’ events for 10+ guests 

• To support important online meetings 

• To motivate staff / say thank you

• Distanced business or celebratory dinners 
• Alternative to traditional face-to-face corporate hospitality 

• Creation of bespoke menu working closely with your in-house team.
• Guaranteed delivery to each participant in line with meeting timings. 

Noble House Prepared Diner Overhead Lo Res.jpg


We create stunning, personalised gift boxes containing an unrivalled selection of chilled or frozen chef-prepared restaurant quality starters, mains, sides and desserts; choice of fine wines, delicious hand-made soft drinks & alcohol-free cocktails; luxury artisan bean-to-bar chocolate and superior tasting premium coffees.

Packaged gift boxes delivered directly from our state-of-the-art kitchens to your contacts – nationwide service.


With our Noble House Coffee we offer full coffee supply services for both the office, working lunches and also those working from home.

We will supply you with a fantastic range of beautifully designed coffee blends, as well as offering a range of reliable equipment and all sundries, specially designed for workplaces, small to large, backed up by outstanding customer care, training and ongoing supplies and maintenance.

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