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Each of our delicious, meticulously crafted and professionally blended ethical coffees delivers exceptional taste, designed to exceed expectations.

We supply coffee in three formats: ground, bean and capsule, which includes a highly popular organic decaffeinated option. For our ground coffee we use an ‘omni-grind’, which will suit all methods of preparation – but an espresso grind can be supplied if required.



This is a deliciously bold coffee, a blend of carefully selected Robusta and Arabica beans from Vietnam, Tanzania and Ethiopia, roasted in a way that will cut through milk for popular drinks such as cappuccino and café latte. Highly versatile, it also creates a fantastic espresso.

When brewed with freshly ground coffee the flavour profile will be of a richly roasted aroma, full bodied and exhibiting maltiness on the nose, while on the palate you will get slight tangerine and honey notes coming from the Arabicas. This is our most popular coffee for high volume bean-to-cup machines, suiting a wide range of coffee recipes.

Noble House Coffee Savannah Blend.jpeg

A splendid 100% Arabica blend of carefully selected Brazilian Santo and Brazilian Oberon coffee beans, roasted to a medium profile and expertly blended to produce a mellow, flavoursome coffee.

The coffee is rich in aromas and is perfect for espresso or filter coffee, but equally at home in cappuccinos and lattes with a creamy body. Tastes of sweet chocolate with citric notes and a medium acidity. 

Noble House Coffee Santos 100% Arabica Beans from Brazil 1 crop.jpeg

This is a truly fantastic blend of carefully selected Arabicas from Brazil and Latin America with Robusta from Vietnam to provide added body, a well-balanced medium acidity roast with the watertight guarantee of quality only found in the great Arabicas. 

Tasty toasted malty notes married with the aroma of stone fruit, delivering a delicious creamy, smooth mouthfeel and a long finish. This best-seller is one of our favourite coffees, which we serve daily to the delight of our own café customers. 

Noble House Coffee Roman Beans 2.jpg

This coffee has been crafted from organically certified 100% Arabica beans, from the high mountains of Peru. A high-quality organic coffee, washed and then dried on high beds by the sun, with a sweet fruity aroma, sweet cherry and citrus notes, a well-balanced and creamy body, with a sweet and bright acidity. To extract the full characteristics of this coffee it has been roasted to a medium roast. 

Noble House Coffee 100% Arabica Organic Paracas Coffee Beans 2.jpeg

This coffee has been specially blended with Sumatran and Vietnamese Arabicas together with Vietnamese Robusta to produce a beautifully balanced coffee; it has been slowly roasted to produce a complex, deep and developed flavour. The Vietnamese Arabica in the blend is a little-known gem grown in the highlands, which offers the ideal Arabica- growing climate. 

This bold coffee takes on a chocolatey, earth and smoky flavour, with floral, spicy scents. Typical of Sumatran coffees, Java Sea has good body and is therefore perfect for all milky drinks. With toasted malty notes it exhibits the aroma of apricots, delivers a creamy mouthfeel and a long finish. As an espresso it will produce a deep and creamy crema. 

Noble House Coffee Java Sea Beans 2.jpeg

This wonderful Swiss Water Washed coffee packs a powerful aroma which belies the fact that it is decaffeinated (using a mountain water process which removes the caffeine whilst leaving the coffee’s flavour compounds intact). 

A clean and crisp coffee that delivers a chocolatey bouquet, a sweet grapey flavour and a divinely creamy, voluptuous smooth mouthfeel. This coffee is suitable for all forms of espresso-based coffee drinks. 

Noble House Coffee Beans Ground Coffe Bacalar Organic Arabica Decaffeinated

Our Maya Key Blend is one of our Special Edition ‘Noble Star’ blends; this coffee is both organically and Fairtrade certified, from Honduras and Sumatra. A stunning blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee with an earthy but sweet aroma, with notes of chocolate, berries and citrus fruit. This coffee is ideal for fans of milkier drinks, while still representing a perfect beverage for those who like an espresso with plenty of body. 

Noble House Coffee Bean Ground Coffee Star Blend Maya Key Organic Fairtrade

A special edition ‘Noble Star’ Blend: this 100% Arabica coffee is both Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Certified, from the villages in the Copan region of Honduras. A beautifully balanced blend exclusively from highly desirable ‘Strictly High Grown’ coffee, with a sweet, clean aroma and notes of chocolate and citrus fruit. 

This is a fully washed and clean coffee and the slow roast allows for a a complex espresso with layers of flavour, a smooth finish and a high tactile sweetness with a pleasant acidity, perfect for all forms of coffee drink. This is a truly exceptional coffee! 

Noble House Coffee Ground Coffee Star Blend West Bay

Our Massimo blend offers a fantastic ‘Italian Blend’ of coffee at a competitive price point, perfect for those that are looking for a delicious and versatile coffee for high volume locations. 

The Massimo Italian House Blend is a carefully designed blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees from South Asia, full bodied and with a richly roasted aroma producing a full flavour that will cut through milk for popular drinks such as cappuccino and café latte. 

It is a smooth, mildly citrussy tasting coffee, with hints of apricot and chocolate. A delicious coffee at a fantastic price! 

Noble House Coffee Beans Ground Coffee Massimo Italian Blend


Our convenient Nespresso compatible capsules are fully compostable, and the specially developed airtight packaging provides a shelf life of at least 12 months.


A beautifully bold coffee, that cuts through milk, with a rich roast aroma. A maltiness on the nose and palate, with tangerine and honey notes, this is a coffee perfect for all milk-based coffee drinks.

Capsules-Savannah 1 copy cropped for homepage.jpg

This is our most intense coffee capsule, a well-balanced blend of Arabica and Robusta to ensure maximum body. The coffee takes on a spicy, chocolatey, earthy, smoky flavour, typical of the Javan coffees. Java Sea is a great choice for all milky drinks, with marshmallow notes, exhibiting the aroma of stone fruit, with a creamy mouthfeel and a long finish.


A magnificent 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil. This coffee has a smooth mouthfeel making it suitable for milky drinks and delivers a pleasantly mellow, rounded flavour.


A high-quality 100% Arabica Organic coffee dried on high beds in the sun. Sit back and drink in the cherry and citrus notes, well-balanced and creamy body and sweet and bright acidity.


A wonderful Swiss Water Washed 100% Organic Arabica coffee with a magnificent aroma which belies the fact that it is decaffeinated. Clean and crisp, this coffee exudes a chocolatey bouquet, a sweet grapey flavour and a creamy, voluptuous smooth mouth feel. Perfect for all forms of espresso-based coffee. 



Along with our own blend of coffee we also stock tea from the UK's only home grown tea gardens in Cornwall - Tregothnan

A beautiful range of single estate and blended teas, the first ever teas to be grown in Britain. This includes black tea, green tea and their own unique herbal infusions. 

teapigs TEA

We are massive fans of teapigs and their wonderful range of black teas, as well as green, herbal, fruit and macha teas. 

teapigs is all about the quality and luxurious flavour of their teas- the range is multi-award winning at the Great Taste Awards, and with very good reason... we highly recommend them!



A key priority for Noble House Coffee is to ensure that the farmers and communities from the coffee growing regions from which our coffee is sourced, benefit from any commercial partnership, with none of the restrictions associated with the big corporates.

We want to support those in developing countries whose livelihoods are dependent on a successful coffee crop. Our overriding mission is to work only with ethically sourced products, and to focus on designing and blending coffees from the very best growers from around the world, delivering a quality of taste not intrinsically linked to price.

Noble House Coffee supports the Msia School Coffee Club initiative in Tanzania, which provides young people with the skills and knowledge to make a viable income derived from coffee farming.


In addition, working closely with likeminded people and our production partners, Noble House’s aim is to hero the plantations from which our coffee is sourced. Our priority is to educate, support, share knowledge and help fund the growth of conscious coffee plantations across the world. 


Through the payment of ethical premiums on all our coffees, investing in Fairtrade and careful, sustainable and ethical sourcing, our goal is tocreate the most comprehensive, multi-faceted, support package of any coffee supplier in the UK. We do this not only because it is our corporate, social and public responsibility, but because we have a genuine enthusiasm for supporting conscientious coffee.

Through our Noble House Coffee portfolio, we are striving to make a genuine difference in improving the environment and creating a favourable, economically viable industry, which benefits the farmers, their families and their communities.


Superb Roman Ground Coffee blend, Rich, Smooth and full bodied. Makes the perfect cuppa, highly recommend and a must for any coffee lover...If you're after something a bit special, this is an excellent choice!


I loved the coffee, the aroma was beautiful, it reminded me of stepping into my favourite coffee shop. I was surprised by taste, I expected a rich, strong flavour but it was smooth, sweet and delicious.


I loved the smooth rich taste of the Noble House Roman blend ground coffee, it’s perfect for an afternoon with a slice of cake.

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