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A Taste of Noble House At Home: Recipe - Flourless Brownie with White Chocolate Chips

No flour? Gluten Free? No problem! We have a special quick and easy recipe - this delicious Flourless Brownie.

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Flourless Brownie with White Chocolate Chips

Serves 8


  • 340g of 70% cocoa chocolate or dark chocolate

  • 50g white chocolate chips

  • 220g salted butter

  • 5 eggs

  • 340g of caster sugar


1. Pre heat your oven to 140°C with no fan.

2. Line a 25cm (10”) cake tin with baking parchment or a brownie tin.

3. In a Bain Marie (a bowl suspended over simmering water on the oven top) break the chocolate into pieces and melt with butter. Stir slowly until both have melted and the butter has been incorporated into the chocolate, becoming smooth and shiny. Set to one side and keep it warm while you move on to the next stage, stirring occasionally to stop it setting.

4. In food mixer, whisk the eggs with the sugar on full speed for around 5 mins until you have a light and fluffy pale mixture.

5. Add the warm chocolate mixture to the eggs and beat slowly until the mixture is combined.

6. Fold in white chocolate chips and pour into the cake tin and place in the centre of the oven.

7. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 140°C then turn down the oven to 110°C and continue cooking for a further 30-40min until a light crust has formed on top and the brownie has a firm wobble.

8. If cracks in the top start to appear during cooking, then turn your oven down as this means the mixture is cooking too hot. If they appear towards the end of cooking take the brownie out earlier, as this is a sign that the eggs have set and the cake is now over cooking.

9. Leave the brownie to cool and rest for an hour before serving.

10. Serving Suggestion: Delicious eaten on its own, but can be served with some whipped or pouring cream. Our favourite is to serve it with a dollop of crème fraiche and little lime zest, or sometimes some raspberry!


We hope you enjoy baking this very chocolatey treat at home. If you have suggestions of recipes you’d like to see, please do get in touch


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