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Corporate Services from Noble House

Are you looking to provide your staff with award-winning, restaurant quality meals but keen to identify a more efficient, profitable solution to traditional in-house catering?

Noble House Prepared delivers premium, chef-prepared frozen or chilled award-winning dishes directly to the office, workplace or even workspace at home.


  • Restaurant quality meals in the office environment without incurring costs associated with a full in-house catering kitchen and team.

  • Staff benefit from access to an extensive selection of fine dining options – scope for more choice than if prepared in-house.

  • As a chef prepared brand, we focus on sourcing only the very best ingredients - wherever possible we prefer to work with local producers - and we have a strong commitment to animal welfare in line with your corporate responsibility policies.

  • Our range caters for a wide range of dietary requirements, including vegetarian and vegan, and is produced in a nut-free kitchen.

  • Reduced wastage, reduced operational costs and portion control accuracy = improved value for money.

  • All products are supplied in sustainable packaging – recyclable / biodegradable.

  • Convenience and food safety advantages associated with frozen food.

  • Keeps staff motivated and well-cared for and (most importantly) safe in this changed landscape.

  • Very easy to set up: all that is required is a freezer and microwaves to give your teams a fantastic option for dining in the workplace. We can assist with sourcing and installing any equipment that you might require.

  • Covid-19 compliant and helps with distancing where required.


The Noble House Prepared range of premium chef prepared dishes can provide the ideal focal point for any micro-market offering, exceeding existing expectations of a frozen, prepared meal and delivering an exceptional high quality taste experience.

Products can either be supplied to sit alongside other existing frozen products or can be showcased in a branded glass fronted freezer. Alternatively, for a stand-alone self-service concept we operate a partnership with a leading vending provider group.

Supporting catering teams

If you are running a traditional catered food service, you may be interested in the Noble House Prepared 13-strong portfolio of dishes available in catering size portion packs. Incorporating vegetarian, vegan and dairy free options all prepared in a nut-free environment, these catering packs enable staff to serve up restaurant style cuisine, with minimal effort and in next to no time.

Additional corporate services

Facilities Purchasing

  • We offer a workplace ordering and purchasing service where all facilities requirements are arranged for you, then invoiced in one convenient invoice at the end of each month

  • Accounts can be provided to your facilities or EA team for the regular purchasing of such items as:

  • Amazon or other online orders

  • Daily or weekly groceries such as bread, milk or fruit

  • Deliveries from supermarkets or from our extensive list of carefully selected wholesale suppliers

  • Ad-hoc deliveries from Pret, Deliveroo or other hospitality requirements

  • Stationary and IT supplies

  • Telephony and Cleaning services

  • We will tailor the services to your specific requirements

  • With one consolidated invoice, save huge amounts of time and hassle for your facilities and accounts teams.

Corporate gifting

  • Creation of stunning, personalised gift boxes containing an unrivalled selection of chilled or frozen chef-prepared restaurant quality starters, mains, sides and desserts; choice of fine wines, delicious hand-made soft drinks & alcohol- free cocktails; luxury artisan bean-to-bar chocolate and superior tasting premium coffees

  • Packaged gift boxes delivered directly from our state-of-the-art kitchens to your contacts – nationwide service

On-site Retail

  • In addition to featuring within a micro-market setting, where a more traditional approach to workplace catering is required, Noble House plans, creates and manages on-site coffee shops, cafés and eateries– tailored to a client’s exact requirements.

Quality coffee for business

We offer a full range of coffee services, including providing regular delivery of premium coffee to the office / employee workplace. All our coffees are responsibly sourced and we offer a carefully crafted collection to suit all budgets and tastes. Noble House Coffee is expertly blended to ensure an exceptional, full-flavoured coffee experience and is available in bean, ground and capsule formats; our coffee capsules are 100% compostable. For more information on our coffee services, click here.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business with your catering requirements- our email is or do call our team on 02076177036. We look forward to hearing from you!


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