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Sourcing our coffee ethically

Working closely with likeminded people, Noble House Coffee’s aim, together with our production partners, is to hero the plantations our coffee comes from.

It is our goal to educate, to support, to share knowledge and to help fund the growth of conscious coffee plantations across the world.

Our mission is transparent and simple:

  • We work alongside Farmers to ensure our plantations and their communities are operated in the most organic, sustainable way possible.

  • We invest in the education of the community; when the coffee is not certified we pay the Farmers a 10% premium on the market price, giving them a platform to achieve that goal.

  • We invest in the growth of Fair Trade; where coffee is certified, we still choose to invest an additional 5% premium to ensure the communities’ continued efforts toward sourcing sustainably.

  • We exclusively work with roasteries who reinvest a substantial proportion of their profit back into supporting local people and projects.

  • We source products that are environmentally sustainable and do not harm the planet.

We believe this is the most comprehensive, multi-faceted, support package of any wholesaler or coffee supplier in the UK. We do this not only because it is our corporate, social and public responsibility, but because we have a genuine enthusiasm for supporting conscientious coffee.

Through Noble House Coffee, we share our passion for the environment, for the Farmers and for their communities.

And with you, our customers, we share our continued mission to source coffee sustainably, while enjoying the most delicious, premium and meticulously sourced coffees from around the world.


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