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The Very Best Of British….Tea!

Ever the champions of British producers, we are extremely proud to introduce the incomparable Tregothnan Tea to our range. One of our favourites of the range is the Great British Tea.

This GREAT British tea is a unique blend of Cornish grown British tea leaves and bold, malty leaves from Assam. This Great British tea is a strong and hearty breakfast brew that embodies one of the greatest things about, not only British tea culture, but also the rich history of tea that stems from the Chinese traditions embedded within a cup of tea.

Tregothnan’s campaign to create the most British tea in history began when the Camellia sinensis (tea bush) was planted in the garden. Tregothnan’s beautiful, private, botanical garden has always been at the centre of British plant innovation as Tregothnan’s land was the first port of call for ships carrying exotic plant specimens to England from far away countries. For this reason ornamental Camellias were first introduced to Tregothnan over two hundred years ago – a plant which is now so synonymous with the British and Cornish countryside.

This unique British tea has been plucked from tea bushes grown on the Tregothnan Estate on the banks of the Cornish Riviera – an idyllic holiday destination that provides the perfect micro climate for growing tea. Cornwall’s warm and wet conditions mimic the climates similar to that of Darjeeling, allowing them to grow their very own British tea in Cornwall – home to the iconic Cornish Cream tea.

British tea is a celebration of our British culture and provides an insight into the origins of our nation’s favourite drink. From bush to cup, every element of Tregothnan tea has been carefully crafted with Britain in mind in order to insure the truest representation of a drink that plays such a large part in our culture.

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